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FAQ about DRM removal products

DRM removal is very complicated, because it depend on OS version, iTunes version, hardware and even the original media file. Our DRM removal products work well for most users, but some people may meet problems. Our support team collect the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about DRM removal products, and hope this document will be helpful for our users.

Q. Does your product work fine under iTunes 12.6?
A: Yes, both Windows and Mac version. For Mac users, we provide two methods to make our product compatible with iTunes 12.6: "Manual install iTunes plugin" and "Close SIP(System Integrity Protection)". And we recommend use the first method, it's easier and still keep your system's security. See details.

Q. After conversion, there is no output file, why?
A: Please launch iTunes and open the file you want to convert. You may find some popup messages, such as iTunes update, authentication and so on. Close all the popup messages, make sure your file can play normally on iTunes, and the message boxes won't pop up again. After that, close iTunes, launch DRM Removal program, start your conversion.

Q. After OS update, iTunes update the software doesn't work?
A: Mac OS X update, iTunes update may cause DRM Removal products' problems. Please download the latest version from our official website. We keep updating our software to make it supports the latest OS and iTunes version.

Q. Audio/Video doesn't match well?
A: If you turn on "hardware acceleration", turn off it. Choose MP4 (Lossless) as output format, try conversion again. If problem still exists, follow the last question to get assistance.

Q. The output audio files don’t have any album data like cover, titles?
A: Choose "M4A" or "M4B" as output format, it may retain the original album data.

Q. My problem still exists, how to do?
A: Contact us at support@thundershare.org to get assistance. We need check the log files to find out the problem, please launch DRM Removal program, follow Menu - Help - Locate Log File. Send us all the log files.

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