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How to make DRM Removal work under iTunes 12.6?

This guide shows you how to make DRM Removal for Mac work under iTunes 12.6, we provide two methods: "Install iTunes plugin" and "Close SIP(System Integrity Protection)". And we recommend use the first method, it's easier and still keep your system's security.

After launch the program, you will find these two options:


Method 1: Install iTunes plugin

After choose "Install iTunes plugin" option, system will ask your username and password. After authentication, iTunes plugin will install automatically. And then you will be able to use our DRM Removal software to start conversion as before.


Method 2: Close SIP(System Integrity Protection)

See how to close SIP(System Integrity Protection)


Still not works?

If used one of our solutions, but still convert failed(or no output file at all). Please contact us at support@thundershare.org to get assistance. We need check the log files to find out the problem, please launch DRM Removal program, follow Menu - Help - Locate Log File. Send us all the log files.


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